Powder coating

Our powder coating services are a versatile, cost-effective finish for almost any metal.

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What is powder coating?


The powder coat finish is a fine powder that’s applied electrostatically to the surface of the metal in the form of a dry powder. Powder coating is an increasingly popular finish thanks to its extremely tough properties – it’s scratch-resistant, can withstand the harshest conditions and it doesn’t fade as some other finishes do.

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Salamander capabilities


We have the facility to accommodate parts up to 3000mm long, 1000mm wide and 1400mm deep within our powder-coating process. The start of the process is cleaning the components to ensure we achieve the best adhesion possible. This is done through our three-stage degrease chemical wash, which cleans the metals and prepares the surface for the powder to be applied.

Our skilled painters are able to provide perfect finishes by hand on the more complex parts as well as using the automated reciprocating system for larger batch sizes. We stock a wide range of RAL and Pantone colours and finishes, including satin, gloss, matt, polyester, leatherette and texture. Plus, special colours can be ordered to suit your requirements.

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Salamander has been fabricating products from sheet metal for over 40 years. We offer fast turnaround, excellent service and precisely engineered products. Our services include: