Bending & Folding

In the press brake department, Salamander has a full range of sheet metal folding, bending and forming facilities to transform 2D profiles into a broad variety of forms.

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Advanced machinery


We use four CNC press brakes including a 4.2-metre bed with a 180-tonne capacity. We have a wide range of tooling to produce very accurate results supported by our Rad Bend software package. We also have the in-house expertise to manufacture our own tooling for special bend radii, reducing the lead times. 

Comprehensive offline programming software for press brakes is used for efficiency. It also provides a full 3D simulation of the bending and sheet metal folding process. Salamander can work with you on any complex sheet metal bending project.

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Salamander has been fabricating products from sheet metal for over 40 years. We offer fast turnaround, excellent service and precisely engineered products. Our services include: