Home to a dedicated team of design engineers and the latest technology in computer-aided design (CAD), Salamander is well-equipped to meet your sheet metal fabrication requirements.

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Bringing a vision to life


We work closely with clients from initial concept and design to ensure valuable solutions and an exemplary end product.

Working with the latest technology in computer-aided design (CAD) software, our expert team develops products in a 3D environment. Whether we’re provided with a drawing or design specification or you require input from us on your concept, it’s the team’s role to make recommendations to ensure efficient manufacturing and a quality end product.

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The latest technology


We use the latest version of SOLIDWORKS software, which is updated annually, and have done for over 10 years.

We have four full-time design engineers who have many years of design experience. They have vast experience in dealing with SOLIDWORKS, with a 2D package compatible as well as DWG software. We interact with customers office to office to save valuable time, and we have a designated modern meeting room to discuss design concepts.

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Salamander has been fabricating products from sheet metal for over 40 years. We offer fast turnaround, excellent service and precisely engineered products. Our services include: