January 8, 2015



Originally the Travelex cash machine housings were made from MDF which had obvious security issues. Salamander were approached to design and manufacture a housing to be significantly more secure.


Salamander redesigned the housing to ensure security was addressed as the primary design brief. Salamander worked with the customer who supplied all internal components so that the design could feature the exact parts to design around. Aesthetics also played a vital part to the design being successful as the housing was to be situated in high street as well as shopping centres

Once the design had been completed Michael visited some senior bank officials in London to show and present the designs in the 3D format which was very new at the time. The bank officials were impressed with the design and pressed the button for manufacturing to commence.


Salamander commenced manufacturing and completed 310 units in total. The cash machine housing’s were installed in shopping precincts, fast food outlets and garage forecourts nationwide allowing Travelex to securely vend cash on a large scale as well as exposing brand awareness.

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