August 24, 2020

Substantial partnership to meet sanitation requests

A market leader in room sanitation and odour removal approached us to help meet the demand in products to destroy harmful bacteria. The COVID-19 outbreak saw Biofresh’s requests for sanitisation products massively increase and the firm reached out to us in need of immediate supply of metal boxes.

BioFresh steel container (1).jpg 
Working quickly to meet demand
Biofresh was established in 2003 and his since led the way in chemical-free treatments for the fresh produce industry. It produces a safe substance called Ozone, which modifies the atmosphere in food storage facilities, preventing the growth of mould and bacteria.

After a huge rise in demand for the product, Biofresh contacted us in need of quick supply of metal boxes for various facilities that would store and safely release high levels of Ozone to give peace of mind of thorough sanitation in the current climate. We were able to provide extremely quick turnaround to ensure Biofresh’s customers weren’t kept waiting. We’re currently working with the firm to supply around 250 boxes a month to businesses in the UK, Italy and France.

BioFresh steel cabinet (1).jpg

A partnership to help beat the virus
We’re also producing for Biofresh cabinets that cleverly sanitise clothes and our collaboration is set to strengthen as we’re planning to supply innovative cabinets to schools and libraries for book returns. This product will mean a break away from current guidelines that require returned books to be quarantined before they can be read again. Biofresh’s product means they’ll be back on the shelf within 30 minutes and can be safely loaned out again.

Find out more about this exciting partnership over on the blog.

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