January 12, 2021

Storage cabinets for Made In Yorkshire member ROCOL

After meeting at the MIY networking event, we teamed up with Made In Yorkshire members ROCOL, an industrial lubricant company in need of a new supplier for storage units.

We visited ROCOL to view the original storage units before reverse engineering an improved version, using high-grade stainless steel to ensure the lubricants would remain fit for their purpose in the food industry. Using our array of skills and decades of experience, we advised on the initial designs and progressed them by using our in-house 3D software to quickly get the project underway. As a result, our relationship with ROCOL has grown and we are delighted with the initial feedback we’ve received on this project.

ROCOL has placed an initial order of 100 units, 20 of which have already been produced and delivered. ROCOL plans to continue working with Salamander beyond this collaboration. Alan Rankin, ROCOL’s UK Sales Director, said:

“We definitely see ourselves working with them in the future because of the quality and service they provide.”

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