January 23, 2015

Metal Furniture

We have manufactured a variety of different cupboards, cabinets, drawer units and seats to be used in a variety of different environments. We have done work which has been supplied to corporate offices, schools, high street shops, supermarkets and airports.

Our manufacturing facility lends itself to batch manufacture with repeatable quality always at the forefront of our efforts. Previously we have done national and international rollout programs for our customer base.

We are able to design whatever configuration the customer requires, which could be to house a standard A4 file or to store something a little different which would be purpose designed by our in house design team. We will always aim to reduce costs wherever possible in the design stages to ensure when it reaches the shop floor it is made as efficiently as possible.

We are able to paint to whatever colour the customer requires to fit in with the desired colour scheme. That could be standard grey/ beige or bright Green or Orange to be a little different.

The pictures show an example of some units we have manufactured from a fabricated Sheet Steel frame which ensures it is sturdy in construction but light weight with quality fittings used to ensure all mechanical functions are capable and repeatable over time.

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