November 21, 2014

Communications Company Server Centre


Salamander were approached by a company to fabricate some substantial tubular framed tables and associated metal work for a communications company to house their data management systems.

The total number of tables required was (x92) and the expected delivery within 1 month of placing the order. The tables were to make a raised platform for servers to be situated on with all the pipework for the cooling system and cabling for each server to be fitted underneath.


From the moment the order was placed the clock was ticking, all the metal was ordered from a reliable stock holder and work commenced.

The tubular frame was cut to length, jigs were made to ensure the frame was square and held in place when welded. Once the frame had been fabricated a chequer plate top was fitted and the whole framework was powder coated in a Grey finish.

The warehouse space at Salamander was utilised to store the finished units until we delivered the tables to site.


The tables were installed by a team at the communications centre with our customer being very satisfied with the product and service supplied by Salamander in a short space of time.

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