October 10, 2013

Salamander Invest in New Machinery

We're committed to improving our offering to our clients, and are always looking to invest in the latest technology. Therefore Salamander are pleased to announce further investment of a Salvagnini automated panel bender.

The Salvagnini automated panel bender will allow us to accurately bend panels up to 1960mm in length and up to 127mm high, meaning we can do even more when it comes to sheet metal fabrication.

The machine will help us significantly increase our production capacity, and is designed to be used in media batch production capacities. This means that we can take on bigger jobs, yet still provide the same high level of service we always have.

The Salvagnini is an extremely flexible machine, with quick changeover times and extremely simple programming formats, reducing downtime which means we can more easily meet tight deadlines.

The machine will mean we can offer an even more complete service to our current customers and bring in new business, allowing us to keep on developing.

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